Twenty Years of Publishing





We wanted to remind, refresh, invigorate, role-model, show off a little, and in general make it clear that it is still possible to start and operate a small business in this day and age without help from governments, without loans, without degrees in business, or writing, or accounting, or marketing. That a creative person, with a sense of determination can urge, negotiate, and call upon the entire range of the definition of hope to succeed. It’s not small town, second rate living, it’s real, now, and complete. Here are some of web links for: radio print, and other odds & ends associated with our twenty years in business. Thanks – sHs

The Des Moines Register & Iowa City Press Citizen

KRUU radio interview

Radio Iowa

Shelf Awareness

The Culture Buzz, Des Moines, Iowa

Art Talks with Bruce Carter, NPR Quad Cities WVIK radio

Talk of Iowa, Iowa Public Radio

North Liberty Leader

WMT Radio Sunday Airtime Show