Praise for The Miracle Boy

“In Patrick Irelan’s new short story collection, The Miracle Boy, it doesn’t take long for the magical to seem ordinary, and pretty soon the ordinary becomes magical.  It’s a collection of humor and wonder that will make you take a fresh look at the world around you.”–Jim O’Loughlin, Professor in the Department of Languages & Literature at the University of Northern Iowa

“What if we had the ability to make our dreams come true? In the tradition of Jonathan Swift, these stories challenge both our hopes and dreams.”—Richard Burgin, Editor, Boulevard Magazine

“Irreverent and imaginative, these are very funny stories. They satirize the current state of affairs in our beloved nation, and like all good satire they include a tone of lament: they weep for an America that (perhaps) once was, and for the America it might—with better luck—have become. Read ’em and laugh.”—Dan Lechay, author of The Quarry, Ohio University Press Poetry Series