More Praise For Possum Trot!

Oh, ancient and sacred crop rotation! Here, forage; there, pasture. Here, a wood lot; there, a quadrant of sweet, sweet corn. Everywhere fertile, vital, fulfilling, full up. These stories spring. They celebrate the vast variety, the infinite possibilities found in a bounded space. Each of these acres aches to be read. — Michael Martone, author, Michael Martone: Fictions

McIlrath’s work combines a rural sensibility with an urban sophistication. He has the calm and often understated manner of the country story teller and the sharp insights of one who knows the complexities of the larger world. –Jim Heynen, author, The One-Room Schoolhouse and The Boys’ House.

McIlrath writes with precision and energy. . . . There’s real sweat in this book, and it never smelled so good. –Patrick Irelan, author, Central Standard & Firefly in the Night