The Spirit of Healing

A Journal of Plants and Trees
Author: Osahmin Judith Meister
ISBN: 9781888160543
Price: $19.95
Pages: 218
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A guide to better understand the world around you, through nutrition, medicine, and of course through the power of the plants all around us. A tradition-rich and practical guide.An enchanting guide to the power and use of plants and trees.

“This enchanting book of herbs and plants could only be written by someone with the passion for the plants. I enjoyed the book and read it all and will continue to use it often. I know that I have a book that can heal the world. —Momfeather, Cherokee Elder

Osahmin Judith Meister is a field biologist living in Madison, Wisconsin. She studied fifteen years with a traditional herbalist giving her a solid foundation to Native American philosophy and medicinal plant use. She is also the author of a novel, Their Time of Learning.