Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg on “Crazy Sexy Life!”

Writing As a Spiritual Practice

From the time I began writing like a maniac at age 14, writing has been my most constant spiritual companion, my way of praying for some clarity during the thickest tangles, and my source for finding answers, or at least, getting a better view of the questions. From the time I began writing, smack in the middle of my parents’ divorce, writing gave me a place to touch down on something more sacred — the act of creating — while being surrounded by court battles and fights over porcelain trinkets. In my memoir, The Sky Begins At Your Feet, during and after my long day’s journey into and through cancer, it was the act of writing that helped me as much as any deep-tissue massage, spinach casserole, or oncologist’s consoling words…………….go to this link to read the whole story