9 Christmas reads that perfectly capture Iowa

A portion of an article that was very complimentary of our new book Women and the Land in the Des Moines Register: read the whole thing here

Few tasks are as difficult as picking out just the right book for people on your Christmas list.

Three Iowa independent booksellers have made it easy, choosing nine books with Iowa ties published in 2017.

All three chose the excellent work of non-fiction from Iowa’s own Ice Cube Press, “Women and the Land,” a book that was showcased throughout Iowa in 2017. (To limit duplication, it’s only listed once).

Heather Gudenkauf also got multiple recommendations. The Dubuque writer who was born hearing impaired emerged with her bestselling “The Weight of Silence” in 2009.

Many protagonists in her half-dozen books have had hearing loss, including the 2017 novel, “Not A Sound,” which some critics have called one of the 10 best mysteries of the year.

From Jan Weissmiller,Prairie Lights Bookstore, 15 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City.

TO THE IOWA CULTURED: “Women and the Land,” written by Barbara Hall and photography by Kathryn Gamble. Ice Cube Press.

“This is a moving and informative work of photojournalism that features women farmers from many of Iowa’s counties,” Weissmiller said. “The photographs and interviews together provide a portrait of Iowa women stewarding the land in the way that it should be done. Through individual initiative, these strong, optimistic women will inspire anyone reading their stories.”